RECITAL T-SHIRT (Call to Pre-Order at Studio - all sizes available)
PRE-ORDER FLOWER ORDER FORM (available at front desk)

Each year our dancers perform in a themed spring recital.  This is a no charge show that
showcases the talent and progress of our dancers.  It is an exciting time for both our dancers and
their parents.  It is something the dancers work hard and strive for all year long.  We encourage
our dancers to invite their family and friends to come see them perform.

This year's recital theme:
Set Sail
Sat. May 18th
Show #1 at 11:00 am
Show #2 at 3:00 pm

Show #1: Thurs. May 16th at 5:30-7:30pm
Show #2: Fri. May17th at 5:30-7:30pm
Finale Practice (for Int., Jr., & Sr. Teams ONLY): Wed. May 15th at 5:30-7:30pm

Magnolia High School
14350 Farm to Market 1488 Road, Magnolia, TX 77354

Although recital is an exciting time, many parents and new dancers become stressed and nervous
about the experience.  Here are some tips that will help you prepare for recital.

Recital Tips For Parents

Plan ahead -  Start planning a week before the recital. Make a list of everything you will need,
including costumes, tights, dance shoes and accessories.

Arrive on time -  Plan to arrive at the place of the performance early. You'll need time to set up
in a dressing room and your child will want extra time to hang around with her friends.

Label ALL costumes and accessories - Many young dancers in the same classes are the same
size. Keep track of your child's things by labeling EVERYTHING.

Bring boredom busters -  Recital days can be extremely tiring for young dancers. Pack a few
quiet games, such as a deck of cards, to quietly pass the time.

Relax - Keep in mind that recitals only happens once each year. Your child will be excited and
anxious, as will you. It's not easy watching your own child perform on stage - you will be the one
who is nervous. Try to relax and enjoy this special day in your young dancer's life.

Recital Tips For Dancers

Practice, practice, practice - You will be more confident about performing on stage
if you know the routines.

Rest, rest, rest -  Recitals are exhausting. A little extra sleep the week before
the recital will go a long way.

Dress Rehearsal
It is required for ALL dancers to attend dress rehearsal. Dressed in costume!
*Meet in your assigned dressing room 20 minutes before your rehearsal time.  
There will be signs to tell you where to go.
*Wear your first costume to the auditorium and have your hair and make-up
fixed.  Bring all of your costumes and accessories with your name in them.
* Students that are 3rd grade and under must have a parent stay for the entire rehearsal.
* You may video at the rehearsal only.  We will have a professional videographer  for the
actual show.  Order forms for recital videos and flowers are included in your recital packets
or at the studio you dancer attends.
*Everyone should check for every costume piece before leaving the rehearsal.
Things get crazy backstage! We are not able to replace anything that is lost or stolen.
*No parents are allowed to be backstage.  We want you to enjoy the show.  
If you child needs you, we will come get you.
*Dancers must stay in their dressing rooms at all times and must listen
and be respectful to backstage drillteam girls  Failure to follow the
rules may result in not performing!
*We suggest that you bring something to keep your child busy in the
dressing rooms.  Please send something that
will not ruin their costumes
(cards, games, etc.)
*All of our dances 3-6 years old will have a big sister that will hold their hand and be with
them during the finale.  All our dancers are in the Finale.  These big sisters will
make sure that our little ones are escorted back to the room with their drillteam
girl until a parent comes and gets them.
We will assign big sisters at the beginning of rehearsal.

Recital Day
*Dancers need to arrive 30 minutes before their show time.
*Have your first costume on and your hair and make-up done.
*Be sure to cover your costume.  You want it to be a surprise to the audience.
*Follow the same rules as the rehearsal.

Make-up & Hair
*Make-up should be heavier than normal. The stage lights wash out their faces.
* The amount of make-up on our little ones is completely up to the parents.
*Everyone needs bright read lipstick!
*Hair should be worn as directed in the recital packet. Different directions for different classes.
*Any hairpiece needs to be secured with bobby pins.

All of  our dancers are in the finale.  Students will keep on their last costume
for finale.  The big sisters will make sure our little ones are escorted back to their room after the
curtains close.

Please refer to your recital packet for costume details or check
with your child's teacher for any costume questions or concerns.
3950 F.M. 1488 . Conroe, Texas 77384 . (936) 321-1822