2016 - 2017 Class Descriptions
2 Year Old Creative Movement
This toddler-friendly, age-appropriate class includes creative movement activities designed to
help your child develop a strong sense of rhythm and introduce them to the art of dance.  While
several styles of dance will be introduced, we will focus on creative movement in this class.

3&4 Year Old Combo  
This class offers a balance of ballet, jazz and tap.  
With this age our studios concentrate on the basics, while making sure the dancers are having
fun. The five ballet positions and center floor plies are taught throughout the year.  The students
will learn to stretch properly. Certain steps will be reinforced weekly down the floor.  This
class does participate in our spring recital, performing one routine.

5&6 Year Old Combo
A step up from our 3&4 yr. old class, this class offers ballet, jazz and tap as well.  The focus is
to instill the love of dance and music into our students.  We introduce leaps and turns.  This
class is similar to the 3&4yr. old combo, but moves at a faster pace and is more disciplined.  
This class does participate in the recital, performing one routine.

1st-3rd Jazz
An hour long class that moves quickly.  We challenge this age and love teaching them to
perform!!!  Center combinations and down the floor technique make up most of this class.  This
class does perform one routine in the recital.   

1st-3rd  Hip-Hop
The kids have been asking for this class. This 30 min. class is all about hip-hop!  We teach age
appropriate material to pop songs.

4th-6th Jazz
A class that focuses on style and learning combinations.  Fun music and moves make this class
great for learning the basics. This class does participate in the recital.

4th-6th Hip-Hop
A popular 30min. class that offers a street style hip-hop, while keeping the music and moves
age appropriate. We encourage you be enrolled in at least one other 4th-6th class to develop
coordination and true dance technique. This class does perform in the recital.

Mascot Team
This team is a Competition team similar to Glitter Girls, but designed
specifically for our littlest dancers.  This team meets twice a week and performs
at three local competitions and our spring recital.

Elementary Team - "Glitter Girls"
Our 1st - 3rd Competition Team offers dancers a competitive dance experience.
This team meets twice a week and performs at three local competitions and the spring recital.
We have a blast and try to not only teach dance, but teamwork.  

Elementary, Intermediate & Jr. Prep Teams
Our prep teams are perfect for new dancers or those not quite ready for a twice a week
commitment.  Not only does prep team prepare dancers for competitive dance, it teaches
teamwork, hard work and endurance.  This team meets once a week and performs at two local
competitions as well as spring recital.  

Tumble 1,2 and 3
Our tumbling classes will teach levels of strength, flexibility and control. The skills and tricks
that will be taught in these classes will be geared more toward dance tumbling and tricks.

Intermediate Team, Jr. Team, Sr. Team
For more information on our company teams
please contact our studio.
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