Our Philosophy

Our goal here at Extreme Performing Arts Center is to
create a safe and positive place for your children to come and learn,  
be challenged and most of all create friendships
that go beyond the studio walls.
We want to encourage your children to always strive to improve
and grow and learn from every situation.
We are not "just another dance studio."

We offer a studio where students not only learn dance,
they learn the importance of teamwork, sharing and
how to respect others.

Our staff strives to create a warm and encouraging, Christian environment,
where students develop character, perseverance, personality,
self image and lasting friendships.
We hope to bring out the best in each student.

Like we said, we're not "just another studio",
we are an experience you will take with you the rest of your life.

Miscellaneous Studio Information
There will be a spring recital May..  
You will receive a recital packet in early spring.

The studios follow the
Magnolia ISD calender.  
There is a calender posted in each studio.

We open our studio window blinds on the first FULL
week of each month for parent observation.  The blinds
remain closed for the remainder of the month as to
not disrupt our students or instructors.

Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  
There will be $25.00 late charge posted to all
accounts unpaid by the 10th of each month.

We accept Credit Cards. Auto Draft is available upon request. Additional fee
for Auto Draft.

Tuition is based on a 4 week month,
longer months make up for holidays.

Family Discount - If there is more than one family member
enrolled there will be a $10 monthly tuition discount for
each student after the
first family member.

Dress Code
Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop and Combo Classes
Any color and style of dance attire or leotard can be worn.
Jazz pants are permitted.  No street clothes (jeans, dresses, etc.) allowed.

Hair must be pulled back and away from the face.

Combo classes (3&4 / 5&6 yr olds) - Pink ballet shoes,
Black flat tap shoe
Jazz - Black or Tan Jazz Shoes
Hip-Hop - Tennis shoes
Competition Teams - Twyla II Leather- Angelo Luzio Brand
Ballet - Pink Ballet Shoes

Competitive Teams
Competitive Teams offered for all ages.  
For more information, please contact us at (936) 321-1822

2017-2018 Class Schedules
Click here for our 2017-2018 Class Schedule
*Schedules subject to change due to enrollment

Class Descriptions
Click here for a detailed description of our classes
3950 F.M. 1488 . Conroe, Texas 77384 . (936) 321-1822